White & Black Zebra Print Fleece Coat for Dog -Take a Walk on the Wild Side Burrito Wrap -Lined W/ Fleece- A Warm Fleece Coat for Your Pet

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Product Description

FEATURED: Zebra Print Fleece Dog Coat Lined With White 200 Weight Polartec Fleece. In Burrito Wrap™ style that offers thermal insulation against the bitter cold. The perfect coat for Fall and Winter.

Zebra Burrito Wrap Coat for Dog - The Zoology Anthology - Keeping Warm was Never this Simple

Why should ungulates have all the fun? Really!!

If you wear a zebra-print outfit in a crowd, it nearly guarantees that someone will easily spot you. In the grasslands, however, a zebra's stripes actually work as a camouflage to deter its main predators: lions and hyenas. Since the animals herd together, experts believe that the mass of stripes can confuse the predators by acting as an optical illusion that blends their figures together. Consequently, a group of 10 zebras may look like a giant striped blob that a lion wouldn't want to take on solo. A Chihuahua (the dog with the heart of a lion!) Now that's a different story!

In this case, there will be no need to migrate from style when keeping warm. Made of a Zebra Print Fleece, it is Lined with a Polartec Fleece White (200 weight-Medium). Perfect for Fall and Early Winter! I have made this with a simple collar but can accommodate any style of collar based on what your needs are. A full snood or hoodie can be the order of the day. Zebras at the North Pole? Why not!

This design was created with three concepts in mind. First is comfort and warmth. It is important to be able to navigate the brutal elements of the cold, snow, rain and ice. Burrito Wraps give an additional layer of protection needed for that comfort and safety. How? It's because I line each coat with a second insulating layer.

The second is function. That can mean anything to how easy it is putting on and taking off the wrap, to having the perfect fit that allows freedom of movement without wardrobe mishaps. An example would be, that talented Houdini Hound wriggling out of their restraints. It's not safe for you and your pet could be injured.

Unleash your wild side by using other colors to compliment the zebra pattern. How about a rich red or even blue! Yellow or green...the list goes on! It's your choice and your style! It is custom made based on your measurements. I can add a D-ring or sew in a button hole for threading your leash to a harness below.

Don't freeze this winter! Any self-respecting Zebra wouldn't allow it!

To make it easier I have listed sizes by weight

XS: 3-€“4 POUNDS

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White & Black Zebra Print Fleece Coat for Dog -Take a Walk on the Wild Side White & Black Zebra Print Fleece Coat for Dog -Take a Walk on the Wild Side White & Black Zebra Print Fleece Coat for Dog -Take a Walk on the Wild Side White & Black Zebra Print Fleece Coat for Dog -Take a Walk on the Wild Side

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