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Welcome to Lupita's Chic Boutique! Carefully crafted Canine Clothes at reasonable prices. Thank you for stopping by and I hope you like what you see! My handmade items are inspired by my beautiful Chihuahuas, Lupita, Georgia and Coconina. I used to live in a climate that requires that my furbabies wear clothes most of the year. It is something that you don't forget.

We provide Quality, Functional, Well Fitted, Canine Clothes for Your Dog. We can help you & your pet with cold weather struggles by providing, high-end, original designs. CUSTOM MADE: Jackets, Burrito Wraps, Harnesses, Fur Coats, & Hoodies
*Custom requests are encouraged. Please ask!

Please remember, that I really want to make the best quality and fit for your family pet- if there are any concerns that you might have, please do not hesitate to contact me through a message in my Zibbet Shop.

Designer Duds for your Delightful Dog- Now that's Haute!!!

My Pledge to You:
I certify that every item is handmade by me and me alone. I am the Designer/Owner and Couturier- I do not use assistants or hire my work out. I do not rely on factory made, or mass produced items.
My designs come from my own experience, background, and ideas. I will not copy or use other designs from other designers, websites etc. I do not have time for that. However, please note that there are no copyright violations on clothing and/or animal costumes. For example, there are only so many ways you can design a lion costume - it basically comes down to an interpretation and execution of that creation from the designer.
I cannot use licensed/trademarked materials/names (fabric, fonts, patches, etc) from, (including, but not limited to), the MLB, NBA, NFL, College sports teams; companies like Disney, Pixar, Vera Bradley, Tiffany, Gucci, Adidas, Lily Pulitzer, Polartec, Velcro etc. These entities paid big money to create, market and advertise their name, designs, logos and characters. To use them for profit through sales is not legal or ethically sound. I can't even design something that resembles a well known, copyright character "knock off" and then give it a different name under the guise of ,"inspired by". I don't want to waste time and money fighting a court battle I won't win.
Not all licensed fabrics are protected under copyright law. Under the, "First Sale Doctrine", it is allowable with the disclaimer that my products are not affiliated or associated with the original copyright owner. I will use that disclaimer when required. First Sale Doctrine does not include Trademark or Registered names.

Disclaimer: We have made an effort to provide fabric images that closely represent the fabric colors. However, due to all the possible variations -- light source, monitor quality, etc. -- we cannot guarantee that the fabric images accurately represent the true fabric colors. If there is a discrepancy that I see on my computer monitor, I will relay that information and describe the actual color in the product descriptions.

**Lil Lupita's Chic Boutique is registered Trademark with the United States Patent and Trademark Office dated: February 7, 2012.
*ATTENTION SELLERS: Please do not use my shop name or any combination of my shop name in your seller's shop tags and I promise I will never use yours! ; )

Shipping details

I do not make money off shipping. That would not be right. My policy for the flat rate that I charge:
- If your item cost less to ship than what I charge, I will refund the amount overcharged to you.
- If your item costs more to ship than what I charge for shipping, I absorb the cost and will not charge the difference to you.

If your order is custom made, please give me time to carefully construct your item. Some things can't be rushed! I pay attention to detail and try to use the highest standards possible. Sometimes this takes a little longer, but I assure you, it will be well worth the wait.
Payments by e-checks will need to clear before your item is sent. This usually takes 3-5 days
Please let me know ahead of time if there are any specific shipping methods, packaging and address changes when you order.
Please know that I will use the sturdiest packaging possible to ship your items. What your item arrives in is a reflection on me and I take great care to preserve the same high quality I expect from myself in every facet of the sale.
I will notify you when your item ships and will keep you posted if there are any problems. I will also include a tracking number at no additional charge to you.

I ship mainly by USPS Priority mail. Please double check to make sure the address listed in your Zibbet acount is the address where you want your item sent. If it is not, it is very important to notify me exactly what address you want me to use. I will always use your Zibbet invoice address.

But I want it now!
That's impossible! But I do offer Express Shipping through the USPS. Please know that I will do my best to get your items to you in time.
I can use expedited shipping but want you to know that it will cost more. During the holiday months, I will have a listing for an expedited shipping upgrade.

If you order more than one item, I will combine shipping charges. Usually with flat fee rates, there will be no additional charge. One box-if it fits -> it ships.


Import duties, taxes, and charges are not included in the item price or shipping charges. These charges are the buyer's responsibility. Check with your country's customs office to find out what these additional costs will be before you buy.

There may be charges collected by the shipping/delivery company when you receive or pick an item up. Please don't confuse them with more shipping charges.

I follow international regulations. I don't mark items below value or call them "gifts.”

In regard to shipping, please bear with me, as I have some experience shipping internationally but not a lot.

Refunds, returns & exchanges

Refunds and Exchanges
I will do whatever I can to make it right. Please keep in mind, if your Canine is just a puppy, there will be sizing issues until (s)he is full grown.

It is important to contact me within three days of your order for custom measurements for your custom order. Unfortunately, if I do not get these measurements within the time frame of three days after payment, I will refund your money. Whether is is buyers remorse or personal reasons for no contact, I do not like to have paid orders sit longer than a week.


YES! If you aren't happy , then I am not happy. Whether it be refunds or exchanges - Please let me know why so that I can strive to be a better seller.

In addition to refunds requested by the buyer, there may be that rare time that, I, as a seller cannot make a custom order work, I reserve the right to cancel an order and refund the entire amount paid back to the seller.

Please note: You must contact me within 72 hours and return the item back to me in new and unused condition. I believe in tracking numbers and request that one is provided so I can keep track of when I can expect your return to arrive.

PLEASE NOTE: If for some reason, you do not send back the item for an exchange, I will re-make the item with the clarified specifications. With all returns, I remove all the hardware to use on the new garments, leashes. If I do not have it, I cannot replace a new item with new hardware.

All items returned to me cannot be resold because of health reasons. Any items sent from my shop has never been modeled or worn by another dog. I do use mannequins for fitting purposes.

Additional information

Please be sure to measure carefully!!! Use a standard tape measure. I work better using the inches measurement rather than metric. Measure 2 or 3 times just to be sure. Your pup will thank you!!! and I will too!!
Because of the custom made nature, no two items will be exactly alike. There may be slight variances. Please realize that your computer may not show the exact color of the item. However, I will try to explain the color in the description that closely relates to what it looks like in person.
D-rings are used to hook a leash to and I will use these often. I will also put adornments on a garment and trim. I will always keep in mind who I am dressing and will design accordingly.

All items are machine washable UNLESS otherwise noted. To preserve the beauty and style of your pets item, please care for it as you would any fine garment.
DO NOT bleach and avoid ALL fabric softeners (sheets, liquids, etc.).
Any items with velcro - secure them together before you wash it.
I use a little mesh bag to hold delicates when I place them in the washer. Using a pillowcase tied at the end will achieve the same results.
Since future care of your garment is important to me, I will include further instructions attached to the hang tag with your shipment.
For most of my custom made items, I do NOT recommend using the dryer. It would be better to lay the garment flat to dry.
When I make garments for my customers, I do not use my own pups for modeling, pictures etc. with your custom made clothes. I use measuring tapes, drafting rulers and other inanimate objects. I have ordered custom dog clothes before and then seen the same article featured on their website that their dog is wearing. I am not comfortable with that.
Please know that there is NOTHING that can take the place of your loving attention and supervision of your beloved pet. With D - rings it is your responsibility to judge the amount of restraint it offers to your dog. NEVER leave your pet unattended while dressed (or in Lupita's case- undressed) or on a leash.
Lil Lupita's Chic Boutique (AKA- Lupita's Chic Boutique) is not responsible for any loss or injury related to or caused directly or indirectly by the use, abuse or misuse of my products.

Since I have no assistants or hire help, please allow up to 72 hours for a response to messages that are sent to me. If I have a back up on orders during the busy times of the year, it is very difficult to maintain social networks and answer emails as quick as I would like to. I thank you for your patience in advance!

Please leave feedback for your purchase and by all means -please, let me know if you have any complaints or concerns- I want to make it right.
Communication is key to a great transaction!!

FEEDBACK: I will not know how your buying experience turned out without feedback or a quick message from you. Its not required but I would like to know how you felt about your order. The good, the bad, the ugly, the silly, the things that you are happy with or aren't so happy with. That is how I grow as a designer. When I receive final feedback in my shop, it indicates the final step in this buying process- I will then be happy to provide feedback for you. Remember: It is my goal to provide 100% buying satisfaction in my shop. If, for any reason you are not happy, please communicate that to me. There is most often a remedy to make it right.

Yes!! I love pictures! I would love to see your beloved pet dressed up in Lupita's Chic Boutique attire.

Once again, Thank you for stopping by my Zibbet shop. You Will Find It's The Place to Go For Quality Canine Clothes!

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